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“Why On Earth Don’t I Live Here?”

Writing for Five Ten about his recent time spent in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge1, Dave Graham unleashes another classic entry for the internet to enjoy:

I will admit, as this is my second trip to this place, I am blown away by the quality of the rock, the natural nature of the way the routes flow. The fact that I have never dedicated some time to climbing here confuses me, and makes me question whether I even know what the hell I am doing after climbing for 15 years.

Why on earth don’t I live here?
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And writing on her blog, Emily Harrington offers some pictures and some insights she gained from climbing with Graham the past couple of weeks:

Dave is one of those individuals who doesn’t train for climbing.  He doesn’t believe in it. Instead, he believes in his own creativity and self-expression, and it’s evident when he climbs.
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 He never stops believing in his ability to do a move or complete a route….As Dave has shown me, sometimes using your mind is more important than everything else.
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  1.  A time that has been plagued by fickle weather and trips to the mall to visit Hot Topic
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Emily Harrington Climbing Waka Flocka (5.14b) In Rifle

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5.14b In Rifle By Emily Harrington

The historic season of sending in Rifle continues as Climbing reports that Emily Harrington repeated Joe Kinder’s Waka Flocka (5.14b), her first of the grade in Rifle.

Update – More from Harrington on her blog:

I learned alot from climbing on Waka Flocka.  I learned how to climb more powerfully, to try harder, and to have patience.  Like Chris said, every route is a process, and even the mental aspects don’t come easily.  Most importantly though, I realized through this experience how important climbing is to me.  I went through a phase a few years ago where I wasn’t sure if climbing was my true passion, or if I’d just gone down that path subconsciously because I didn’t know any different.
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 It took several years to realize how much I care about this sport and the lifestyle that goes along with it.
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 I am fortunate to have this life, and I wouldn’t want it any different.

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Schubert, Ernst Win 2011 Lead Climbing World Cup In Boulder

Schubert, Ernst Win 2011 Lead Climbing World Cup In Boulder

Results from the Lead World Cup held over the weekend at Boulder, Colorado’s Movement Climbing & Fitness

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News & Notes Bonus Edition – 4/29/2011

News & Notes Bonus Edition – 4/29/2011

A few bonus News & Notes from Emily Harrington, Dorothea Karalus, Enzo Oddo and more…

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2011 SCS Open National Championships Women’s Highlights

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News & Notes – 11/03/2010

News & Notes – 11/03/2010

News & Notes from Rifle, the Red River Gorge, Switzerland, the Petzl Roc Trip and more…

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