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Audrey Sniezek: Work Hard, Climb Harder

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Audrey Sniezek Repeats Lost World (5.14b)

Audrew Sniezek, writing on her blog about how she juggles a full-time job and sending 5.14b with her recent repeat of Lost World  at Little Si, WA:

The early morning routine, if you don’t already know this about me, is sport climbing ‘alpine style’ starting at the crack of dawn. We call ourselves the Breakfast Club or the Morning Crew and though the group has dwindled down over the years to only a few remaining, it was exciting to see a resurgence in numbers. The morning group has been gathering and climbing at this wall and Exit 38 since as early as 2005. We come from all around the city, meet and carpool to the cliff sometimes in the dark so we can get the most time on the wall before having to rush back to the city for work.
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While there has been an ebb and flow of the morning group, there has generally been a core set, primarily Microsoftees, that have endured and includes myself. These early morning sessions allow us to get in some good climbs with cooler temps and no crowds.
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We get in a full day at work and for those with families, get to enjoy dinner at home with their spouse and kids. In the summer, the sun hits the wall as early as 8:30 and if it’s a hot day, can become impossible to climb on the wall by 9:30, which is perfect for us. We can easily be off the wall and in the office by 10:30/11am.

I’ll always be that much more impressed with someone’s hard climbing if they are doing it while juggling “real world” responsibilities at the same time.
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DPM Interviews Audrey Sniezek

Excellent interview from DPM with Audrey Sniezek who manages to succeed at a high level in the working and climbing worlds at the same time:

Audrey stands out from the crowd. She’s been able to maintain a well-paying job with benefits and climb 5.14b, simultaneously excelling in both the business and climbing world. Unlike other top-notch climbers that crawl out of the back of a truck to start the day, Audrey might swap out her heels and power suit for a sports bra and climbing shoes. On top of it all, she’s found time to volunteer and make a significant impact on the rural communities surrounding the Red River Gorge.

The work of Sniezek and other software engineers to teach computer science to high school students like those Sniezek is teaching in rural Kentucky was recently highlighted in this article in The New York Times.

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5.14a and b for Audrey Sniezek

40-year-old Audrey Sniezek’s steady progress through the years has paid off the past couple of weeks at Little Si, WA.
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 A few weeks back she did the FFA of Dr. Evil (5.14a) and now, as detailed in the latest entry in her blog, she’s completed the FFA of Extended Evil (5.14b) which climbs part of Dr. Evil before branching off.

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Schubert, Ernst Win 2011 Lead Climbing World Cup In Boulder

Schubert, Ernst Win 2011 Lead Climbing World Cup In Boulder

Results from the Lead World Cup held over the weekend at Boulder, Colorado’s Movement Climbing & Fitness

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Fischhuber, Stöhr Win 2011 Bouldering World Cup

Fischhuber, Stöhr Win 2011 Bouldering World Cup

The 2011 Bouldering World Cup circuit finished up last weekend in Munich, Germany with Kilian Fischhuber and Anna Stöhr claiming the overall titles while American Alex Puccio cemented her 3rd place finish in the overall standings

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News & Notes – 8/17/2011

News & Notes – 8/17/2011

News & Notes from Jonathan Siegrist, 5.14d and V14 in a week by Jorg Verhoeven, a hard mult-pitch gets repeated and MUCH more…

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