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Something To Keep In Mind

Something To Keep In Mind

Last summer while I was wandering around the boulders in RMNP’s Lower Chaos Canyon I stumbled across an odd scene:  there was a really strong looking guy getting very close to sending Freaks Of The Industry (V13).  It wasn’t odd that someone was close to doing the problem (it had seen many repeats at that […]

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Nalle Hukkataival Mt. Evans Video At MVM

If you never checked out the premium section of the Momentum Video Magazine, now might be a good time to do so.  They have video of Nalle Hukkataival climbing the following problems at Mt.
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Evans, CO:  Clear Blue Skies (V12, 2nd go), Mental Masturbation (V12, 2nd go), No More Greener Grasses (V12, flash), Super Gui (V11, 2nd go), Silverback (V11) and Ode To The Modern Man (V14).

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Hard, Unrepeated American Boulders

I thought it would be interesting to compile a list of hard (V14 and up) boulder problems that have not been repeated in North America. Thanks to everyone for help in compiling these problems (Most of these grades are pure speculation from outside observers): Nuclear War – V14 – Matt Bosley – Harriman State Park, […]

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News & Notes! 10/8/2007

News & Notes! 10/8/2007

I’ve spent way too much time spraying about myself lately and not nearly enough time spraying about the accomplishments of others. Here is my attempt to make up for this fact: Andre DeFelice has had a good summer of progression up the bouldering grades. Last week he repeated Circadian Rhythm (V13) at Poudre Canyon, CO […]

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News & Notes – 08/27/2007

News & Notes – 08/27/2007

As usual, I go away from a computer for a weekend and the sendtrain begins… The big news is that Paul Robinson has made the 3rd ascent of Jade (V15 for now) in RMNP. The day after the Jade send, Paul did the second ascent of Chris Schulte’s new V13 Child Stars SDS at Mt. […]

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