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More 5.14 Onsights (And Near Onsights) For Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra has been busy doing Adam Ondra-like things of late, both in Spain and in Canada

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On The Road Pt. I Squamish, BC

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Honnold Free Solos Squamish’s University Wall

Alex Honnold has been keeping busy up in Squamish, soloing 290 pitches for his 29th birthday on August 17th and then soloing University Wall on The Chief:

This August 25, Honnold hiked from the parking lot along Highway 99, passing a small gaggle of climbers below the popular 5.10 finger crack Seasoned in the Sun and James Lucas on his way back down from his own clambering on University Wall, to arrive at the left side of the Chief’s massive Grand Wall and the base of his objective.
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He started climbing, thankful to be wearing a t-shirt to protect his skin from the chimneys and offwidths on the lower pitches.
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Reaching past Bellygood Ledge, he continued up The Roman Chimneys for its extra four pitches of 5.10 and 5.11 to top out.

Interesting interview to go along with that article as well.

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Squamish Winter Bouldering 2014

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Highball Day – Squamish Bouldering 2013

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More On Wide Boys’ Cobra Crack Send

Really enjoyed this piece on The RV Project about the process behind Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker both repeating Cobra Crack (5.14) in Squamish, BC:

Tom and Pete will be the first to tell you that they are not very strong. This is obviously “rubbish,” as they’ve now done the hardest offwidth and now one of the hardest finger cracks in the world.
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 I think what they mean is that they are not well-established. There will soon be a second film about them, but they don’t do comps, haven’t moved to Boulder or Innsbruck or Yosemite. When they listed the Cobra ascentionists on the Earlmaker, they remarked on how silly their names looked next to Honnold, Favresse, Trotter and the rest. “A couple of punters” was a phrase oft employed self-referentially.
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Weird.  I’m a punter as well, but unlike these guys I never actually send anything.  I’ll have to find out what their secret is.

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