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Wheel Of Life Direct By James Kassay

James Kassay blogs about his recent FA of a more direct version of Dai Koyamada’s Wheel Of Life in the Grampians Hollow Mountain Cave:

So what is the Direct finish??? Well as I have said before, my aim wasn’t to just start at the bottom of the cave and climb to the top the easiest possible way (Not saying that there is anything wrong with that for those who choose to do it and its still far from an easy option).
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There are four established problems that originally made up the wheel of life and whilst some of the crux moves can be traversed around to make the line easier I wanted to start at the lowest part of the cave, then follow the established problems; X-treme Cool, Sleepy Hollow, Cave Man and Dead Cant Dance and rather than taking the early exit out right I wanted to complete Dead Cant Dance up and slightly left which is the highest point of the cave and in my opinion the grandest line of the cave! So I started at the lowest point… Followed the established line of classic problems and finished at the highest point.
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James Kassay Crushing In Hueco Tanks

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Wheel Of Life Repeated By James Kassay

About two years after he climbed the epic Hollow Mountain Cave link-up Sleepy Rave, James Kassay managed to send the epic Hollow Mountain Cave link-up Wheel Of Life which adds a V9 on the front end of the aforementioned Sleepy Rave.  It could be argued that Wheel Of Life is more of a route than a boulder problem (just check out the 12 minute video Ethan Pringle climbing the line), but Kassay registered his ascent as V16 on his 8a scorecard and commented that he’s now trying a “direct” version of the problem.

Update:  Kassay updated his blog with some interesting thoughts on the ascent including why it may have taken him longer than some would have thought to put together the full Wheel Of Life:

Call me stubborn, crazy or out right stupid if you must but climbing the full length of the cave wasn’t just a matter of getting from one end to the other the easiest possible way. Ethan was confused as to why I didn’t want to use the “easier beta” of putting on knee pads and milking the knee bar rests that are otherwise impossible to use…
Ultimately I set myself a personal goal and that was the way I was going to do it.

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Aussies Getting It Done In Hueco

Aussies Getting It Done In Hueco

Alex Puccio, Portia Menlove and a pair of Australians are getting things done in Hueco Tanks

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Climbing Video:  James Kassay Repeating Sleepy Rave (V15)

Climbing Video: James Kassay Repeating Sleepy Rave (V15)

Footage of James Kassay repeating the long linkup of boulder problems that is Sleepy Rave (V15) in the Grampians Hollow Mountain Cave

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Hard, Unrepeated American Boulders

I thought it would be interesting to compile a list of hard (V14 and up) boulder problems that have not been repeated in North America. Thanks to everyone for help in compiling these problems (Most of these grades are pure speculation from outside observers): Nuclear War – V14 – Matt Bosley – Harriman State Park, […]

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