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Miller, Lightner Win 2015 SCS Nationals

Delaney Miller and Kai Lightner win 2015 SCS Nationals

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Kai Lightner Profile

I posted this this video to the ClimbingNarc Facebook page on Tuesday and it got an incredible response, so if you haven’t taken 10 minutes to watch this profile of Kai Lightner I highly recommend it

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5.14a Onsight By Kai Lightner

After getting knocked out of Friday night’s Psicocomp in the first round by Jimmy Webb, Kai Lightner made his way to nearby Maple Canyon on Saturday where he had a big day according to this post on his Instagram feed onsighting Pipe Dream (5.14a) and redpointing Divine Fury (5.14b).

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Buhrfeind, McColl Win 2014 Psicocomp

Claire Buhrfeind and Sean McColl emerge victorious at the 2014 Psicocomp

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Central Rock Gym’s Ring of Fire 2014 Finals Highlights

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Dark Horse Season 5 Round Three Highlights

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The World According To Kai

Nice piece from the latest issue of DPM about 13-year-old Kai Lightner:

How then, did a young black child from the flatlands of North Carolina come to find his passion in a sport largely dominated by white people that his mother would never introduce him to? Kai isn’t the only black rock climber, but he does currently represent a vast minority.
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One look around the landscape of the sport and it’s impossible to overlook the homogenously white outdoor crowd. Climbing, and outdoor recreation in general, is not part of black culture but the reasons for that are murky.
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By all accounts from people I know who have met him, Lightner is a great kid.
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