2011 Bouldering World Cup Canmore Results

2011 Bouldering World Cup Canmore Results

Canada hosted its first ever World Cup event over the weekend when the IFSC bouldering circuit made its way to a snowy Canmore.  The Japanese contingent put on a strong showing with Tsukuru Hori and Akiyo Noguchi winning for the men and women respectively.  Alex Puccio continued her solid season finishing in 6th with Alex Johnson just missing finals in 7th place.  Here are some more results including the finishes of all the American competitors:

2011 Bouldering World Cup – Canmore, Alberta, Canada
Men’s Final Results Women’s Final Results
  1. Tsukuru Hori JPN 2t3 4b9
  2. Klemen Becan SLO 2t5 4b9
  3. Sean McColl CAN 1t2 3b5
  4. Stefan Danker GER 0t 4b7
  5. Atsushi Shimizu JPN 0t 3b5
  6. Wouter Jongeneelen NED 0t 1b1

USA Finishes

  • T-26.  Josh Larson
  • T-26.  Ryan Olson
  • 31.  Jon Cardwell
  • 33.  Dave Wetmore
  • 36.  Ian Dory
  • 39.  Greg Padovani

Full Men’s Results

  1. Akiyo Noguchi JPN 4t9 4b7
  2. Anna Stöhr AUT 4t10 4b6
  3. Jain Kim KOR 3t12 4b14
  4. Juliane Wurm GER 2t4 3b6
  5. Mina Markovic SLO 1t4 2b6
  6. Alex Puccio USA 0t 2b2

USA Finishes

  • 7.  Alex Johnson
  • 11.  Angie Payne
  • 12.  Francesca Metcalf
  • 14.  Lizzy Asher
  • 20.  Courtney Sanders
  • 21.  Isabelle Faus

Full Women’s Results

Not sure what scores like 1t4 4b7 mean?  Check out this post where I tried my best to explain the World Cup scoring system.

This coming weekend the circuit moves to Vail, CO and the Teva Mountain Games, a venue that has historically been more friendly to the American contingent.  Past notable results include Daniel Woods winning in 2010, Alex Puccio winning in 2009 and Alex Johnson winning in 2008.  With 28 out of the 85 registered competitors for this year’s comp being members of team USA the odds, at least from a numbers perspective, are in favor of another strong showing by the U.S.

Update: Huge gallery of high quality pictures from the comp

Update #2: Dave Wetmore on his first World Cup experience:

Last weekend marked the initiation of my first World Cup experience. And my-oh-my, it sure was an eye-opening event in more ways than one. I have never seen so many extremely talented and beastly competitors warming-up their weapons in one isolation.

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3 Responses to 2011 Bouldering World Cup Canmore Results

  1. Jesse May 31, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    I thought the comp was exciting and entertaining. The men’s problems seemed a little hard, but every problem except for semi-final #3 (I think) was sent. I also enjoyed the mixture of steep walls, slabs, holds and cool features. I don’t think I’d seen a 45 degree wall like the one in men’s final #3(?) in a world cup before. I noticed a lot of the problems tested not only the climber’s strength, but also their balance and precision. 

     Overall, I thought the quality of the stream was good with the exception of about a half hour during the qualifications when it was brutally choppy.  The camera angles were great (I especially enjoyed the overhead camera on the last men’s problem). However, as was mentioned in the previous disscussion, the camera seemed to cut away while climbers were mid-crux only to show another climber chalking up (or holds being brushed).  Too many times I had to guess the outcome of an attempt based on the reaction of the crowd.

    In the last two world cups I’ve watched, I ‘ve been mesmerized by the performances of the top women. Jain Kim’s knee drop on Women’s Final #1 was incredible, so was Anna Stohr’s flash of Final #2. 

    I’m looking forward to watching the Teva Mountain games…maybe with some live blogging from  Narc?

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    • Narc May 31, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

      Unfortunately I have plans that preclude me from watching the comp this
      weekend but the live blog should return for the UBC comp in a few weeks.

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