2010 ABS 11 Nationals Adult Qualifiers Results & Videos

2010 ABS 11 Nationals Adult Qualifiers Results & Videos

ABS Nationals is in full swing now in Alexandria, VA, and despite concerns about the weather it looks like most of the competitors were able to make it for the Open qualifying round yesterday.  Jamie Emerson was on hand tweeting live updates which he promises to do once again this evening for the Open finals beginning some time around 7:30 PM EST.  Until USA Climbing finally does something like ne2c did this past summer with the Mammut Bouldering Championships this is probably the best option for live “coverage” of the comp.

Here are the climbers who qualified for finals tonight:

Men’s Qualifying Results Women’s Qualifying Results
  1. Paul Robinson
  2. Vasya Vorotnikov
  3. Daniel Woods
  4. Magnus Midtbø
  5. Jimmy Webb
  6. Robert D’Anastasio
  7. Julian Bautista
  8. Carlo Traversi
  9. Gabor Szekely
  10. Adam Markert
  11. Matt Bosley
  12. Alex Johnson
  13. Paul Wallace
  14. Joshua Levin
  15. Kyle Owen
  16. Eric Paulsen (No Finals)
  17. Zach Lerner
  18. Ryan Olson

Full Men’s results

  1. Alex Puccio
  2. Audrey Gawrych
  3. Elizabeth Asher
  4. Alexandra Johnson
  5. Sierra Blair-Coyle
  6. Francesca Metcalf
  7. Sasha Digiulian
  8. Kate McGinnis
  9. Cicada Jenerik
  10. Isabelle Faus
  11. Chauncenia Cox
  12. Michaela Kiersch
  13. Taylor Clarkin
  14. Audrey Sniezek
  15. Amy Lipschultz

Full Women’s Results

On the media front, Jamie has a few pictures from the Women’s qualifying round up on his site and Ben Carlson has some images from the youth comp going up on his site.

Here are a few videos that made their way online, if you see any others feel free to share them in the comments.

Paul Robinson on Men’s #5

Alex Puccio on Women’s #6

Jimmy Webb on 3 of the qualifying problems

2010 ABS Qualifiers from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to 2010 ABS 11 Nationals Adult Qualifiers Results & Videos

  1. Ian February 13, 2010 at 4:17 pm #

    P-Rob continues to impress me every time i see him climb, he is a monster. Any word if he has tried The Game yet?

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    • Narc February 13, 2010 at 11:13 pm #

      He’s tried it, but I’m not sure how psyched about it he is. Definitely a fun person to watch climb.

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