Climbers Take The Access Initiative In Joe’s Valley

Climbers Take The Access Initiative In Joe’s Valley

This has been posted elsewhere already, but I thought it was important to pass along as a general reminder for visitors to all climbing areas.  Often times the things we take for granted at crags we visit like bolts, trails, parking areas, restroom facilities and countless other things didn’t just appear there magically.
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  They cost someone their time, effort and in many cases money. Don’t be a freeloader!  If you have the time, donate it.  If you don’t have the time, strongly consider donating money to your local access group.  Here is one option for those of you who enjoy the bouldering in Joe’s Valley, UT [emphasis mine]:

Joe’s Valley (near Orangeville, Utah) has become one of the premier bouldering areas in the American West. With this popularity has come increased impact on the natural environment and has also placed strain on the relationships between land owners, climbers, and other user groups.  The Salt Lake Climbers’ Alliance, with the help of its donors, has installed latrines at the Mansize and Buoux camping areas.
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The use of these latrines will help keep campsites enjoyable and also minimize our impact in the area.  Latrines will be installed seasonally, depending on donations.
  We’re relying on you to help us maintain these latrines. Please visit our website and

More information at

New restrooms for your comfort and enjoyment in Joe’s Valley, UT.


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  1. eddie October 9, 2008 at 10:13 am #

    it can be frustrating though, our local NRAC leaders (kenny, et al) are holding all the keys, but not donating the time nor delegating it to qualified, dedicated individuals. several times i and my friends have requested to be put on the list to replace anchors, replace tat with chains and we got nothing.

    what did we do? spent our own money on hardware, spent our own time on installation….for the benefit of all.

    good to see other climbers taking their issues into their own hands to preserve access and safety for the future!

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