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More On Ten Sleep Shooting has a followup on the bizarre shooting that took place a few weeks ago in Ten Sleep, WY:

“We know not everybody is a bad guy, and we’ve gotten a lot of strong support from people,” Deaconu says. “It just seems unfair that you save up to travel to a foreign country, get shot, and now have to pay ,000.
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Climber Shot In Ten Sleep

While the good news I shared this morning from Ten Sleep is still great news, this is not great news out of Ten Sleep:

Around 2:00 a.m. on Monday, September 16, a climber from Ecuador was shot outside his tent in Ten Sleep, Wyoming, the popular sport climbing destination.

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Behind The Founding Of The Bighorn Climber’s Coalition

Nice piece on DPM about an important step being taken to form a climber’s coalition for the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming which are home to the increasingly popular Ten Sleep Canyon.  Once an area you just heard rumors about1, Ten Sleep has become one of the most popular summer climbing destinations in the U.S. and non-climbing land managers have started to take notice.  Forming a group to represent climber’s interest in the region is a great step.

This is also a good time to give props to DPM editor Mikey Williams who, unlike yours truly, is actually a pretty good climber in his own right.
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 Most recently he climbed Masters of the Universe, a 5.14c in Ten Sleep.  Nice work!

  1.  I recall hearing about it back in 2001 while visiting the Wild Iris
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11-Year-Old Cameron Hörst Sending Galactic Emperor (5.14a)

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Hard Sends In Wyoming From Hörst, Siegrist & Tilden

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More Age Is Just A Number News

Hard climbs from climbers both young and… not quite as young

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News & Notes – 8/3/2011

News & Notes – 8/3/2011

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