Alpinist’s Speed Climbing Series

Alpinist’s Speed Climbing Series

Alpinist has been running an interesting series of interviews on their website of late where they “picked the brains of the speediest climbers to learn more about speed climbing and how it fits into our grade-crazy community”.

In part 1, they interviewed Alex Honnold who seemed to focus more on speed climbing in 2010 with his solo link up of El  Cap and Half Dome, 4 routes in a day on the Chief in Squamish with Will Stanhope and 3 routes in a day on El Cap with Sean Leary.  The interview touches on how Honnold began speed climbing, how speed climbing isn’t really about climbing fast and what he considers his greatest speed climbing achievement.
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In part 2, they interviewed Sean Leary and Dean Potter who set a new speed record for climbing The Nose last fall.  The interview touches on the strategies and difficulties associated with moving so quickly, the importance of finding the right partner and their thoughts on the feasibility of bringing the Nose speed record under 2 hours in 2011.
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    Part 3 with Ueli:

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