Potential V15 In Norway By Magnus Midtbø

Potential V15 In Norway By Magnus Midtbø

On his blog Magnus Midtbø reports he did the FA of Blood Redemption in Matre, Norway which he calls “the hardest problem of my life” and suggests a grade of V15.  Blood Redemption adds a V12/13 sit start to a long V13ish problem called Gjeddehenget (which has apparently broken since Midtbø did the FA in 2008).  Midtbø had this to say about the problem:

Two and a half hours before my flight back to Oslo i made it! The sit start adds four moves to the boulder and makes it into a totally different boulder – Four of the hardest and definitely most amazing moves I have ever done!
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Here’s some video I found of fellow Norwegian Andreas Olsen climbing on Gjeddehenget to give you an idea what the problem is like:


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  1. DreamingGnar October 1, 2010 at 9:37 am #

    Last minute victories are sometimes the most satisfying!

    exciting looking line too. that’s a pretty clean roof, not much guesswork for what to grab, the little that’s there all looks quite necessary.

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