News & Notes – 3/16/2010

News & Notes – 3/16/2010

The spring thaw continues here in Wisconsin, and if last year was any sort of trend the climbing season should be on at Devil’s Lake for the next 8 months or so.  I’d be more excited about this development if a) I had done any sort of meaningful training this winter and b) the finger injury I was resting all winter felt any different than it did back in November.  WHY???

But enough about me.  Here are some News & Notes from people who are out there getting things done:

Security was the main thing that lacked in my life. As I push towards more and more ultimate dreams on the rock, in the air and on the line I need stability, something to return to.  These next years I plan on traveling the world looking for enchanted places where the ultimate in natural-human achievement can be reached.  I want to fly free!

Readers looking for climbing narrative will be relatively disappointed. Though the book is bracketed by beautifully written accounts of Robbins’ groundbreaking solo on the Leaning Tower, its value lies elsewhere.


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2 Responses to News & Notes – 3/16/2010

  1. Mic March 23, 2010 at 8:47 am #

    When a finger injury does not improve after several months of rest something might be permanently damaged. Maybe an operation is needed. Did you see a doctor about it?
    My finger injury healed quickly while climbing jugs 2 times a week for about 2 months (not very motivating..). This increases blood flow to the finger without stressing it.
    But hey, everyone is different and im no expert.

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    • Narc March 23, 2010 at 9:01 am #

      The problem is actually within my knuckle from when I cracked it some 9 years ago so it behaves a bit differently than your run of the mill pulley strain. I think the main problem is that my months of rest are broken up too frequently with spurts of trying much too hard. My mind thinks I can try harder than my body would like and I have a hard time pacing myself in that mindset.

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