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Joe’s Valley: Time For A Change

The Access Fund:

As the popularity of Joe’s Valley continues to rise, increased climber traffic is causing some extreme environmental impacts that could threaten access if not addressed.


The planning process will continue throughout 2015, with a final plan ready for rollout in early 2016. We ask the climbing community to embrace the changes that are needed at Joe’s Valley.

Anybody who has climbed at Joe’s the past few years can recognize the need for some changes there to create a more sustainable future.  Hopefully with the involvement of the Access Fund and the climbing community we can preserve the awesome resource that is Joe’s Valley.

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Little Things – Vol. 3: LCC Bouldering

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Alex Puccio Sends Black Lung (V13)

The Year of The Pooch™ continues…

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5.14a Onsight By Kai Lightner

After getting knocked out of Friday night’s Psicocomp in the first round by Jimmy Webb, Kai Lightner made his way to nearby Maple Canyon on Saturday where he had a big day according to this post on his Instagram feed onsighting Pipe Dream (5.14a) and redpointing Divine Fury (5.14b).

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Joe Kinder Sends Maquina Muerte – 5.14+

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Steph Davis: Crazy Beautiful Thing

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Joes In Bros Valley

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