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Ashima: Return of the Warrior Ninja Princess

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Forest Woodward Red River Gorge Gallery

There have been a lot of words written about the Red River Gorge over the past two weeks but little visual media just yet.  While I suspect we’re in for a lot of videos in the weeks to come, this great photo gallery from Forest Woodward should hold you over until then.  I think my favorite is the one of Jimmy Webb on Fifty Words For Pump with Ashima Shiraishi climbing on Southern Smoke in the background.

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Two 5.14c’s By Ashima Shiraishi In The Red River Gorge

11-year-old Ashima Shiraishi had an incredible trip to the Red River Gorge over the past week or so.  She started the trip by climbing her first 5.14a and then flashing her first 5.14a shortly thereafter.  With that out of the way she set her sights on something a little harder, and in back to back days on Friday and Saturday she succeeded in climbing both Southern Smoke and Lucifer.  DPM’s Mikey Williams was there on Friday for the Southern Smoke send and he has more details on the Lucifer send as well.  Amazing.

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So It Begins In The Red River Gorge – Updated

So It Begins In The Red River Gorge – Updated

This could be a season to remember down in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge. Some guy named Adam Ondra will be there shortly, and several big names are already on the ground racking up sends.

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More From Ashima In South Africa

Ashima Shiraishi continues her unbelievable year with more hard climbing down in South Africa.  Her recent work in Rocklands includes a repeat of Fragile Steps (V13) and a flash of The Hatchling (V11) according to 27 Crags.  In just the past six months the 11-year-old has done three V13s, flashed two V11s and been featured in The New York Times.

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Busy Times In South Africa

Busy Times In South Africa

Everybody who is anybody has been down in South Africa this summer…or so it seems. Here’s a recap of what’s been going down over the past few months.

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Ashima Visits Japan

Rock & Ice has a nice photo recap by Eddie Gianelloni of Ashima Shiraishi’s trip to Japan that saw her repeat climbs up to V10.

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