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Ashima Hits The New York Times

Climbing phenom Ashima Hiraishi hits the front page of the New York Times’ Sports Section with an accompanying video featuring her on Crown Of Aragorn (V13).

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Jason Kehl On Ashima Shiraishi’s Time In Hueco Tanks

Cool update from Jason Kehl about time spent in Hueco Tanks with Ashima Shiraishi:

I personally think grades are meaningless, a rough estimate. Ashima has proven this by taking everything we thought they new about grades and throwing it out the window. Its all about your perspective not about a number someone labeled the rock with.

Perhaps you’ve heard of her?

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“Top Out On See Spot, When You See It”

Jason Kehl mentions in another update on his Facebook page that Ashima Shiraishi has done Barefoot On Sacred Ground (V11 or 12) with the highball See Spot Run finish thrown in for good measure.  The Big Up cameras have been rolling throughout her trip so look to see Ashima once again in this year’s Reel Rock Tour.  Kehl has had his camera rolling so look for footage from Ashima’s trip to appear somewhere at some point in the near future.

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10-Year-Old Ashima Shiraishi Repeats Crown Of Aragorn (V13)

10-Year-Old Ashima Shiraishi Repeats Crown Of Aragorn (V13)


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Multiple Hard Sends By Ashima Shiraishi In Kentucky

27Crags interviews Ashima Shiraishi after her first trip to Kentucky’s Red River Gorge which yielded repeats of multiple 5.13s including the 5.13d Swingline.  Already somewhat well-known for bouldering harder than her age, this 10 year-old is about to get a lot more well-known when the 2011 Reel Rock Film tour kicks off this Thursday.

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Trailer: 2011 Reel Rock Film Tour

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More On Ashima Shiraishi’s Trip To Hueco

More On Ashima Shiraishi’s Trip To Hueco

An update on 9 year-old Ashima Shiraishi’s trip to Hueco Tanks that saw her send a handful of double digit problems and a heartbreaking near send of a V12

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