10 Questions With Access Fund Executive Director Brady Robinson

Nice interview with Access Fund Executive Director Brady Robinson by The Adventure Journal:

I think if climbers took a moment to learn more about what we do, how much we accomplish, and how small of an organization we actually are, a lot more people would join and see their $35 membership as a bargain. Fact is, the majority of our funding comes from individual climbers. If climbers didn’t support us, we wouldn’t be here, period. One of my favorite things is when a climber who has known about us for a long time, and thinks we’re big and powerful, comes to visit our office. There is often a look of surprise and slight disappointment on their face – they can’t believe how small we actually are but they don’t want to offend me by saying so.
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So funny. We definitely punch way above our weight, which I’m really proud of.
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We are doing a lot with a little, so climbers should be confident that their money is being used wisely.
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