More 5.14s By DiGiulian & Claassen In South Africa

More 5.14s By DiGiulian & Claassen In South Africa

Sasha DiGiulian finished up her trip to South Africa on a strong note by doing the FA of a route she’s calling Miss-behaving in Montagu.  In comments made to Climbing she called the send “quite miraculous” due to the end of her trip looming and an unfortunate slip at the anchors on what was to be her last try.  You know what I always say though:  #lastdaybestday, #lastgobestgo.  Works every time1.

Sasha DiGiulian on Miss-behaving

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Meanwhile, at Waterval Boven, Paige Claassen did the FFA of the route Bodan (5.14a) as her trip to South Africa also comes to an end.  Here’s how she described the effort on her blog:

At 33 (5.14a), Rodan is the hardest established route in Boven, although a few open projects will certainly claim that title once completed. A 35 meter route, Rodan is surprisingly powerful. Aside from the opening jump, a fifteen move crux with no relief protects the anchor.
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I found moving my feet up for each move more difficult than the actual moves themselves, although my first time on Rodan, a few moves and clips felt unfeasible. Yet with a bit of rehearsal, Rodan came together after about eight attempts (plus fifty or so attempts on the dyno).

  1. Almost

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