Adam Ondra Talks About His New 5.14d In The Czech Republic

Adam Ondra writes for PlanetMountain about his new 5.14d in the Czech Republic:

I established “To tu jeste nebylo” together with Ondra Benes ground-up last autumn and I managed the first redpoint a few days ago. The name could be translated as “Never been here before” as this is a breakthrough in terms of difficulty on Czech sandstone.

The route in question was rap bolted and chipped against the local ethic some years ago and was subsequently chopped before Ondra and Ondra1 re-bolted it at their own peril last year.  Gnar.

  1. Does that work?

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2 Responses to Adam Ondra Talks About His New 5.14d In The Czech Republic

  1. Adam March 29, 2012 at 9:06 am #


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  2. Rents March 30, 2012 at 2:21 am #

    While I’m happy to acknowledge A.O. as easily the strongest sport climber in the world, either this route is freak’n hard or bouldering has been detrimental to his rope climbing.
    Also, like most males at the same age as Adam, he appears to be developing into a slightly heavier frame…

    Dont get me wrong. Adam is the man. 8c+ onsight, 8B+ flash, 9b red point aint nuttin’ to fuck with!

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