Video Friday – 12/02/2011

Video Friday – 12/02/2011

Normal people1 would be appalled by this, but I spent some 62 hours travelling for the purposes of rock climbing in the last five weeks.  This 60+ hours of travel yielded a a scant 10 total days of actual climbing at four very different climbing areas2.  60+ hours of sitting on delayed planes3, fighting holiday traffic for 700 miles and driving repeatedly through Indiana4.  All for 10 days of actual climbing.  Was it worth it??  To quote the great wordsmith of our time, “DUH.”

Unfortunately, the season here locally is about to be buried in the dark months of the cold, useless hell we call winter in the Midwest, and my ability to spend 60+ hours chasing rocks is going to be sharply curtailed.  What does that mean for you?  More time for me to spend blogging!  But first, take a look through some of the highest rated videos of the past two weeks.

Video Friday

  1. Non-climbers
  2. Red River Gorge, Governor Dodge, Hueco Tanks and Little Rock City
  3.  I still don’t understand how the first flight to leave on a given day can have maintenance problems when the plane’s been sitting there all night.
  4. Four times! Four!

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