The Sharp End DVD Review

The Sharp End DVD Review

The Sharp End, the latest release from Sender Films, takes the average viewer out of his climbing comfort zone as it focuses on climbers pushing both their physical limits and their safety. The DVD highlights a variety of areas including California’s Yosemite Valley, Colorado’s Frontrange, the French Alps and the Czech Republic. 

While some have suggested that the The Sharp End focuses too extensively on BASE jumping, the DVD divides its time nicely between traditional and aid climbing, bouldering and free soloing reminding viewers that there is no clear definition for the term from which the title is derived.  The DVD, which runs approximately 60 minutes, begins rather expectedly with traditional climbing.  The backdrop for the first lesson in living on the sharp end is none other than Colorado’s Frontrange.  Time is also spent in other common U.S. climbing havens as well.  These include Moab, Bishop, and Yosemite Valley.
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Perhaps less predictable was the segment where Alex Honnold, Cedar Wright and Matt Segal tried out the local climbing techniques of the Czech Republic – think long run outs that basically leave climbers free soloing, knotted ropes as pro and absolutely no chalk.  Accompanying this was a brief stint at tower jumping on the part of Cedar Wright; not the most exciting element of the DVD, but an excellent reminder of the desire climbers often have to push themselves at whatever they set their minds to.

The extra footage was probably just as interesting as the movie itself.  Tommy Caldwell’s one-day climb of the Direct NW Face of Half Dome (5.14) was probably one of the best.  The footage in this piece was amazing.  Another segment featured a bit that combined traditional climbing  in Yosemite and Eldorado Canyon.  It also showcased Adam Ondra climbing a 5.15 sport route in the Czech Republic.  Hank Caylor, who discussed is base jumping antics early in the DVD, also made an appearance in the extra footage where he rambled on many topics including his attempts to climb the infamous South Face of Half Dome.
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  Behind the scenes footage is also included which gives viewers insight on the amount of hard work that is involved in capturing the impressive shots in the movie.  Of course, there are Sponsor Spots to check out as well. 

The Sharp End makes a great addition to any climber’s climbing movie collection, and even comes with a family-friendly edited version for those who don’t want to hear any bad language.  It is a unique film and an excellent reminder that nothing in the climbing world is finite; there are always new ways to push (and exceed) the limits of what seems accomplishable

For more information on how to get a copy, visit the Sender Films website.

And as an added bonus, any U.S. resident purchasing the DVD also gets a free 1 year subscription to Climbing Magazine.

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6 Responses to The Sharp End DVD Review

  1. Zachary October 27, 2008 at 6:01 pm #

    yeah i enjoyed it very much, but felt they were kind of slapping sport climbers in the face by not featuring any footage.

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  2. Narc October 27, 2008 at 6:23 pm #

    Sport climbing is noticeably absent but I can’t think of any sport climbs that are really out there “on the sharp end”. Perhaps some of the sport routes in the Black Hills of South Dakota or something like the Bachar-Yerian I suppose?? Either way, I think sport climbers get plenty of love in most other movies.

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  3. sock hands October 28, 2008 at 2:47 pm #

    I’LL slap a sport climber IN THE FACE !!!

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  4. Ozan Akyuz February 25, 2011 at 4:41 am #

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  5. Tom June 1, 2012 at 4:02 am #

    Sharp, bought a blue ray player .. Now I do not get it upgraded, Sharp has decided that they will not deliver any new software. my player is worthless. NEVER WILL I BUY SHARP AGAIN .. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

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