Australia Project DVD Review & Sale

Australia Project DVD Review & Sale

Last night, Mrs. Narc and I had the pleasure of watching “The Australia Project”, a BSProductions film.  It follows the adventures of Matt Segal, Rob D’Anastasio, Emily Harrington and Brian Solano as they tour around Australia in the summer of 2004.  Guest appearances are also made by James Litz, Randy Puro and Brian Capps.  Areas like The Grampians, Nowra, Bungonia Gorge, Point Perpendicular and Armidale provide a perfect canvas for the differing styles of all these climbers.

Of all the movies I have reviewed lately (Spray, MVM Vol. 2, Dr. Topo DVD), I would have to say that “The Australia Project” is definitely my favorite.  It has great rock, cool problems and a diverse group of climbers that keep things interesting the entire movie.  If you liked the small feature on The Grampians that was in the extras of Dosage 3, you will most definitely like this full length feature.
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Usually when I watch a movie of the “climbing porn” variety with Mrs.
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Narc she is easily bored, but not so with “The Australia Project”.
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  Here is what she had to say:

I really enjoyed the DVD.  Both the climbing and the commentary were enjoyable, though I could have done without the Joe Kinder intro, the superfluous screaming and the animal harassment – I’m not a fan of “bowling for wallabies”!

With this movie being a bit older, the major bonus for you is that you can now get your own copy of “The Australia Project” for only $10 plus shipping.  Check out the official BSProductions blog for more details.


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3 Responses to Australia Project DVD Review & Sale

  1. bj May 13, 2008 at 11:34 am #

    I don’t know man, I remember being seriously disappointed with this movie when it first came out. Way too much of the yelling and swearing white kids thing going on. I’ll have to watch again and see what I think now.

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  2. The Narc May 13, 2008 at 12:07 pm #

    If you are turned off by that sort of thing then yeah you probably wouldn’t have liked the movie.  I’m glad you brought this up though.  I really wish that filmmakers would keep this sort of thing out of their movies so that I could show their movies to the kids on our climbing team.  

    Plus climbers already have a negative reputation as a group for having expletive laden tantrums at the cliff.  Why perpetuate it on film?

    I guess for me the bouldering porn and cool locations were able to overwhelm any of the angry climber antics.

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