Sharma & Usobiaga Repeat Andrada 5.15a

The somewhat elusive (from an online spray observer’s standpoint) Chris Sharma has surfaced in Spain with his recent repeat of Dani Andrada’s 5.15a La Novena Enmienda at Santa Linya. This 175 foot long route connects the first 75 feet of La Novena Puerta (5.14c) with 100 feet of La Enmienda (5.14b).

Dani Andrada on La Novena Enmienda (5.15a)

Dani Andrada climbing La Novena Enmienda at Santa Linya
Photo: Pete O’Donovan

La Novena Enmienda was also repeated (in 4 tries) by Patxi Usobiaga. This ascent capped off a week in which he climbed 2 5.15a, 1 5.14c/d (2nd try), 1 5.14b onsight (FA) and 1 5.14a onsight.

Usobiaga onsighting the FA of Variante Monocroma (5.14b) at Monstant, Spain

Patxi Usobiaga onsighting the first ascent of Variante Monocroma


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2 Responses to Sharma & Usobiaga Repeat Andrada 5.15a

  1. Ant December 5, 2007 at 1:05 pm #

    I dunno if it’s already been mentioned, but there’s a video of Patxi climbing La Rambla on his site if anybody is interested.

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  2. Climbing Narcissist December 5, 2007 at 1:18 pm #

    Thanks for the tip!

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