Prediction Review

At the end of May, I made a few predictions about some events at the pinnacle of difficulty bouldering I thought might happen this summer:

Ode to the Modern Man (V15) at Mt. Evans will see 2 repeats by the end of the year…and it will be downgraded
The so called Green 45 project at RMNP will see a 1st ascent and at least 1 repeat
I will not be injured anymore..

Mainly, the predictions were based on hour upon hour of mindlessly reading 8a.
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nu scorecards as well as it not really being that hard to figure out that strong climbers were going to have strong summers.  Some at the time doubted me but I have been vindicated…mostly:

  • 5/26/07 – Ty Landman repeats Ode to the Modern Man and it is subsequently downgraded to “hard” V14 by Ty and DW
  • 6/19/07 – Daniel Woods makes the FA of the Green 45 project and re-christens it Jade (V15)
  • 08/04/07 – Ty Landman repeats Jade
  • I am still at least mildly injured…

Ok, so I am doing well on the ones I have no control over and not as well on the one thing I do have control over.

I’m not sure I’m ready to make any more predictions about the late summer/fall that is fast approaching, but I have been thinking about it (more on this later).  Obviously Paul Robinson would be the next logical person to send Jade (he has stuck the crux move apparently) and/or Ode.  Neither would really surprise me.

However, beyond that a lot of it depends on who is in what area climbing at a certain time.  The real wildcards are the upcoming SLC Sendfest this weekend and the Petzl Roc Trip in Kentucky this October.  These events will bring many strong climbers like Sharma and Graham back to the States.
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  Jamie Emerson had also previously commented on rumors that Graham would be coming back to CO this summer.
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  Obviously if either were to visit the Frontrange then more big numbers would probably be sent.  Hopefully people like Chad Greedy will be there to capture it on film and ask the important questions like, “how’d it feel”.  Time will tell…

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