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Video Of Chris Schulte Sending 2 V14s In Fontainebleau

Deadpoint Magazine has a lengthy video from Fontainebleau that features Chris Schulte and Jackie Hueftle sending several problems in the forest including 2 V14s, Gecko Assis and Kheops Assis.

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Ty Landman Crushing Font

Ty Landman Crushing Font

I think it’s safe to say that Ty Landman has been having an above average trip to Fontainebleau.  On the heels of his ascents of Kheops Assis (V14) and Gecko Assis (V14), Landman recently repeated Satan I Helvete Bas (V14).  This is all in addition to having climbed several V13s as well.  All this in […]

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Chris Schulte Climbs His First V14

American Chris Schulte has climbed his first V14 during his current trip to Fontainebleau, Gecko Assis.  You can read a recent interview with Schulte at Mountains and Water, and I highly recommend checking out his website as well.

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