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Interview With Adam Ondra After His 5.14d Onsight

I don’t know how you warm up for your 5.14d onsights, but this is what Adam Ondra did:

Well, I tried a route which I thought was 8a and fell off at about half-height. But I wasn’t that worried because I then found out that it wasn’t even in the guidebook. I then ran around and flapped my arms as best I could and then set off.

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5.14d Onsight By Adam Ondra reports in French that Adam Ondra has done his long-awaited 5.14d onsight with his first go send of La cabane au Canada in Rawyl, Switzerland.  Long expected to be the first to onsight 5.14d, Ondra was just beaten out by Alex Megos who onsighted Estado critico (5.14d) in Siurana, Spain earlier this year.  Prior to this, Ondra had onsighted some 15 5.14cs1  in addition to 75 5.14a or b onsights so to say he has been building toward this goal would be an understatement.
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  1.  Including two in the Red River Gorge that were considered by some to be 5.14d although ultimately they likely never were
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