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Climbing Trip To The Mythic Cliff With Colette McInerney

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Adam Ondra: Rock and Plastic

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Adam Ondra Climbs Biographie, World Barely Notices

A funny thing happened earlier this week: Adam Ondra “finally” repeated Biographie in Céüse and barely anyone seemed to notice.

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“I’m going to send it today”

PlanetMountain caught up with Alex Megos after his one day ascent1 of Biographie (5.15a):

I warmed up by checking out the moves on Biographie, this took circa 1 hour. Then I started to make the attempts, and had circa 30 – 40 minutes rest between each go. Conditions were very good and my first feeling was: I’m going to send it today.

His thoughts on why he didn’t try to flash or onsight the route are interesting to read as well.

  1.  I’ve seen a lot of people refer to him having done it in three attempts, but I think it was actually four.  But who’s counting, right?
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Biographie In A Day By Alex Megos

In case we needed more evidence that Alex Megos is one of the top climbers in history, over the weekend he repeated Chris Sharma’s Biographie (5.15a) in just one day.





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Jonathan Siegrist’s Story On Biographie

Footage of Jonathan Siegrist on Biographie

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“Like a banshee”

Jonathan Siegrist, in an email exchange with Rock & Ice regarding his recent repeat of Biographie:

R&I: Did you scream like Sharma when you stuck the jug near the top?

JS: Like a banshee.

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