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Chipping Caught On Film In New York

I guess when Ivan Greene says on his Edelrid athlete page1 that his occupation is being a “rock climber and artist” he really meant it.  With an emphasis on the artist part.
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Back story on the video is here.

Sick, and not in a cool way.

Update – Statement from Edelrid:

We would like to state unequivocally that EDELRID does not support the practice of chipping. It is our belief that the challenge, and the pleasure of climbing, lies in rock formations, as they occur naturally.

With this in mind we can state that we find the recent behaviour of Ivan Greene to be completely unacceptable, and we would like to take this opportunity to clarify that he is no longer an EDELRID sponsored athlete, and in actuality has not been supported by the brand for over 12 months.
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We will be removing all references to Ivan Greene from the EDELRID website with immediate effect.

  1.  Why Edelrid would sponsor him in the first place is beyond me
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Tis The Season

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Ivan Greene Doing The FA Of The Gunks’ Version Of Thriller

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