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The Heart-Stopping Climbs Of Alex Honnold

Another big, mainstream news piece on Alex Honnold, this time in a cover story for The New York Times Magazine.  Plenty of great insight into what makes Honnold tick, but I especially enjoyed this bit about Dean Potter:

Even Dean Potter, an openly spiritual man who describes free-soloing as part of a personal art form that includes base jumping, finds Honnold difficult to understand. “Alex is like Spock,” Potter told me. “I freak out at the top of solos and scream — like, super emotional.
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Then I’m wasted emotionally for months. Alex just does it and walks away and does another.
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Honnold doesn’t like this kind of talk; he insists that he worked hard to develop his self-control, and he grows prickly at any suggestion that he is unlike other people. “Before Dean solos something, he has to, like, slaughter a goat and fly with the ravens,” Honnold joked, as if Potter drew on magical aid to see him through danger. “I don’t want to slaughter a goat and fly with the ravens. I just want to climb.”

Funny response from Potter last night on Instagram:

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A Line Across The Sky – Tommy Caldwell And Alex Honnold Go Big In Patagonia

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“A True Midwestern Climber”

Alex Honnold, writing about his record-setting experience at the 2014 edition of 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell:

By the end of the day our skin was wrecked and our bodies hurt, but we’d done a ton of amazing climbing. I did something like 150 pitches, averaging around 5.11c, which was good enough to retake the individual point record, which now stands at 43,490.


It was impressive that people who’d been up climbing for 24 hours straight could find the energy to party so hard. I certainly couldn’t — I went to bed early, which I guess just means I don’t have what it takes to be a true Midwestern climber.

I think I can speak for the entire Midwest here when I say that we would be OK with adopting Alex into the Midwest climbing club.  I mean, the guy does have some skills even if they don’t involve partying all night after climbing for 24 hours straight.

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Alex Honnold Soloing Heaven (5.12d) – Climber’s Cut

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Alex Honnold Soloing Heaven (5.12d)

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Trailer: Africa Fusion

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Alex Honnold And The Relativity Of Risk

Alex Honnold, writing for Alpinist about his free solo of El Sendero Luminoso:

That meant five more people who’d flown down and who were now waiting for me to solo a big wall. And despite everyone’s assurances that I should only do what I felt comfortable with, and that they could film any other, easier route if I changed my mind, it was hard not to feel a little pressure.
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I’ll be curious to hear him talk about this and more tonight at the Boulder Theatre as part of The North Face’s Speaker Series.
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 You can tune in live at 7 PM MDT for a live feed from the event.

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