Drones Banned In Yosemite

Bad news from NBC for any of you filmmakers out there that were hoping to use one of those new fangled drone cameras in Yosemite:

The U.S. National Park Service issued the unmanned aircraft ban on Friday, barring “drones of all shapes and sizes” within Yosemite’s boundaries.

The Park Service cited a law that states “delivering or retrieving a person or object by parachute, helicopter, or other airborne means” without a permit in situations other than emergencies is illegal.

But the service is choosing to enforce that law now, in Yosemite, because more park visitors have begun using drones within the last few years — particularly to film aerial footage of the park and people who are climbing.

Dive into the comments if you want a good laugh from people confusing the drones covered by this ban with weaponized drones used by our government.

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