Jimmy Webb Doing What Jimmy Webb Does In Switzerland (Updated)

After a stellar trip last year, Jimmy Webb is back in Switzerland with similar results.

Already in the first couple of weeks he has flashed 9 problems in the V11-12 range according to his 8a scorecard including Ganymede Takeover and Delusions of Grandeur.

Flashing Ganymede Takeover

As if his 2nd ascent of The Kingdom wasn't enough, @jwebxl also did Flash Flood this morning. Later in the day I took a nature break and returned just as Jimmy latched the finishing jug whilst flashing Ganymede Takeover. Solid day of #bouldering in #Brione for Mr. Webb. Also, I got sunburn. Also, great day with great people. @beauknowsphotos executing near perfect spotting technique as well.

The list of problems that has taken him what must feel like an eternity more than one try to complete includes the 2nd ascent of Carlo Traversi’s The Kingdom, Dai Koyamada’s Insanity of Grandeur, Dave Graham’s Big Paw and Micky Page’s From Dirt Grows The Flowers Left.  All four of these problems had been considered V15 at one point, however Webb has bravely and humbly suggested V14 for all four.

2nd ascent of The Kingdom

An absolutely gorgeous day today in Brione and I'm psyched to have made the 2nd ascent of a super classic @carlodenali bloc called The Kingdom !!! Cheers to everyone for the nice day . #bouldering #swiss #dreamworld @organicclimbing @giddyorganics @prana @fiveten_official

One day ascent of Insanity of Grandeur

Went to 101 sector of Chironico today and managed a one day ascent of the mega classic Dai koyamada testpiece Insanity of Grandeur, 8B+/C !! This one is a really nice endurance style problem using all kinds of crazy beta.  Felt really nice to stand on top of this beast after falling on the final mantle the go before.. Nice one!!!!! #bouldering #chironico @organicclimbing @prana photo: peeches88 @giddyorganics @fiveten_official

Big Paw

Had a super nice day today in Chironico. Managed to put together Big Paw, 8B+ !!! Such a perfect boulder and props again to my man @dave_graham_ for establishing this stunner before I even knew what rock climbing was! #bouldering #ticino #granite @organicclimbing @prana @giddyorganics @fiveten_official

From Dirt Grows The Flowers left finish

Another great day in schweiz and another boulder down! Was fortunate enough to climb From dirt grows the flower ( left topout ) 8B+. Psyched to go back for that original @dave_graham_ finish as soon as it cools down!! #bouldering #ticino #love @organicclimbing @prana @giddyorganics @fiveten_official


And today, he did Graham’s The Story Of Two Worlds (V15) in Cresciano

Had a really nice day today in cresciano!! Managed to climb the really nice @dave_graham_ testpiece The story of 2 worlds, 8C!  Such a rad problem and really this one demands so much from you both physically and mentally.  It felt nice to complete such a sick line! #bouldering #ticino #fullbodypump @organicclimbing @prana @fiveten_official @giddyorganics

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