Productive Trip To Spain For Ashima Shiraishi

12-year-old Ashima Shiraishi had an impressive trip to Spain last week where she repeated multiple 5.
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14s in Santa Linya including La Fabela (5.14c), Digital System (5.14b, 2nd try) and Rollito Sharma (5.14b).  As with Mirko Caballero, Ashima is coming off another ABS Youth Nationals title, and yeah, I think this kid might be pretty good too.

Digital System (5.14b) 2nd try

Congrats to @ashimashiraishi for yesterday's super impressive 2nd try ascent of Digital system  8c/5.14b, Santa Linya. This a frame grab from my footage of the send. Can't wait to see where she takes it.

As the sun set behind the rolling hills near Santalinya we packed up cameras and climbing gear, ready to call it a day and chow down back in the village. @ashimashiraishi had a different idea, deciding to surprise us all by taking a second burn on Digital System (5.14b) and virtually floating up it for what may be the first female ascent, and is almost certainly the first ascent fueled primarily by sour skittles.

La Fabela (5.14c)

Big congrats to my favorite little lady climber @ashimashiraishi for sending La Fabela (14c) today! @bluewaterropes @evolvusa

So stoked for @ashimashiraishi. On her last day here in Spain she redpointed Rollito Sharma (5.14b) and La Fabela (5.14c) shown here in the same day. I think it was the whole sleeve of Oreos that really did the trick, not to mention support from new friends and old friends coming together. Congratulations, lady!

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