FFA Of Chemical Ali (5.14a) By Kristin Yurdin

Nice write-up by DPM about 42-year-old Smith Rock local Kristin Yurdin climbing her first 5.14a with a repeat of Chemical Ali:

[husband] Ian describes a crucial part of Kristin’s training program as finger-boarding, tread-walling, cutting stuff, grilling things, lifting heavy French fry baskets and carrying cases of wine up 12-foot ladders.

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One Response to FFA Of Chemical Ali (5.14a) By Kristin Yurdin

  1. Jonathan P Williams May 3, 2013 at 2:08 am #

    now _this_ is awesome. seems like anybody can climb 5.14 if you start young enough. but how easy is it to send your first 14 (or 13 for that matter) after the age of 30?

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