Making Muir Valley

Nice piece by Outside Online profling Liz and Rick Weber, owners of Muir Valley in the Red River Gorge:

With over 30,000 visitors last year, Muir Valley has become the most popular climbing destination in the eastern half of the country. For eight years, Rick and Liz Weber have shouldered the property and developmental expenses as their gift to the climbing community.
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But, now in their late 60s and facing declining health, the future of the valley is unclear.
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If you’ve climbed in the Red River Gorge in the past 10 years the odds are pretty good you’ve climbed on the Weber’s property.
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 The odds are also pretty good that you’ve climbed on their property at zero expense to yourself, so consider making a donation to Friends of Muir Valley if you want to see climbing continue on this incredible property into the future.

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