The Players Trailer & Interview With Brian Solano

The Players Trailer & Interview With Brian Solano

BS Productions is slated to release their latest project The Players later this month, with pre-orders shipping on May 26th for a special price of $23.99.  Since most everyone has already seen the trailer, I thought I would catch up with filmmaker Brian Solano and ask him a few questions about the movie:

Why the title “The Players” and how did you choose the climbers?

I wanted to make a film that focused on showcasing the climbers. Not their incredible accomplishments. Not the breathtaking crags. But their unique personality and drive. Climbing is a game and this film is about those who play the game, hence The Players. With a strong name like The Players, I had to back it up and feature the major players in the sport. Those who are defining the sport, taking it to new levels, and creating a life of climbing. There are way to many players in climbing, so I chose to focus on the American players. Our lineup includes Sharma, Dave Graham, Lisa Rands, Emily Harrington, Daniel Woods, Joe Kinder, Chris Lindner, Alex Puccio, and Ethan Pringle!

Was there any segment that was more difficult to film than the others?

I’d say Chris Lindner’s segment in Vietnam was by far the most difficult to shoot. In Ha Long Bay, you’re surrounded by water, a language barrier, and no guidebook. We set out to explore and find badass cliffs. A lot of the shots are from a boat, so keeping them steady is a challenge. Any top down shots required solos with rigging gear. Everything is ground up. Given these challenges, I’d still say this was the most rewarding shoot/trip of my career! Big thanks must go to SloPony Adventures for helping us out along the way!

What else can we expect on the DVD besides the feature movie? Extras, outtakes?

The extras feature all the action that didn’t make the cut, which wasn’t a ton because we packed it all into the feature! About 10 min of extra climbing footage, plus some trailers and the beta on visiting Vietnam.

Who are some of the other filmmakers that helped contribute to the movie?

I couldn’t have made this film without the help of an extremly talented group of shooters. Tim Kemple shot Emily Harrington’s segment in China. Mike Call shot Lisa Rands and Chris Sharma’s segment. Andy Mann and Wade David assisted on Puccio’s segment as well. Chad Greedy filmed the segment with Dave Graham. The climbing community is stacked with talent and I was lucky to bring many of us together for this production!

Who are your sponsors for the movie?

Evolve, Dead Point Mag, Smith Optics, and The Spot Gym. Thanks guys!

Any projects on the horizon?

I’m taking it one step at a time. This one has been a long haul, so I’m psyched to take some time off from shooting and focus on climbing!

Big thanks to Brian for the interview!  Here is the trailer once again for those that haven’t seen it:

Pre-orders shipping May 26th for only $23.99

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