The Nothing – Mt. Evans

There is a (another) very cool new video up at MomentumVM.  It is the first in two part series on highballs at Mt. Evans by Chuck Fryberger.  The first part features Ben Scott climbing an incredible looking line called The Nothing (V8) that was first climbed by Jeremy Bisher.  You really have to watch the video to get a sense for how high this problem goes and just how stunning the roof is.


Jamie Emerson has visited Area D of Mt. Evans, home of The Nothing and many other amazing lines, and he apparently knows several people that think The Nothing might be the best problem in all of Colorado.  Based solely on video evidence, it is hard to disagree that it is a superb line.


The Nothing (V8)

The Nothing (V8)

Photo:  Jamie Emerson


The video also mentions that Ben only visits Area D a few times per season to lessen impact.  Is this something that is done by everyone??

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  1. Nietzsche September 24, 2009 at 12:27 am #

    I think that part about BScott only visiting D a few times a year was a joke in reference to the video of Seth Allred using a carjack to move a block from underneath Two Ton Tongue.

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