Tomorrow we leave for 5 days of southern bouldering and sport climbing. Normally my anticipation level would be through the roof, but this is the first climbing trip I can ever remember where I am not super psyched to get going. The obvious reason for this is that I probably will not be doing hardly any climbing on this trip.

What my hand would normally look like after HP40

My elbow/shoulder problems are feeling better but they still get aggravated very easily by any type of activity. I haven’t really been able to climb much at all in preparation for the trip.
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The real crux of this trip will be resisting the temptation to climb more than the minimal amount my body will currently allow for.
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This is going to be especially difficult when we are at HP40 where the bouldering is so good and so close to the touch yet not at all that good for rehabbing.

Scotty Do

Ironically this will probably end up being one of my more enjoyable trips that I have been on in recent memory. This might seem strange but it makes sense if I compare it to my normal trip. My normal trip consists of me getting super psyched on doing a certain problem or route and obsessing over that one objective.
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However, for varying reasons I almost never succeed in achieving the goals I set for myself, and in a perverse way I come home feeling like I didn’t have as good a time as I could have. For this trip I have zero expectations for sending anything and I will be psyched just to get my feet off the ground here and there.

Throw in the fact that I don’t have to work for 6 days and that I get to spend some good time with the wife character, and it should be a good trip.

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