Tournament Rd 3: Dope Spots Region


Bishop Hueco Tanks


  • Home to several high quality areas like The Buttermilks, Happy Boulders, Sad Boulders, Pollen Grains, Druids, Dale’s Camp and who knows what else
  • Famous Problems: Mandala (V12), Saigon (V5), Iron Man Traverse (V4)
hueco Photo: Trina Ortega/Climbing 

  • One of America’s most historic bouldering areas – Birthplace of the V Scale
  • Unfortunately one of the most tenuous access situations amongst the more popular areas in the U.S.
  • Famous Problems: Terremer (V15), Esperanza (V14), Crown of Aragorn (V13), Babyface (V7)

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Red River Gorge Yosemite


  • Probably the largest sport climbing area in the country
  • Famous Routes: Lucifer (5.14c), Fifty Words for Pump (5.14c), Thanatopsis (5.14b), B.O.H.I.C.A (5.13b), Table of Colors (5.13b), Jesus Wept (5.12d)


  • America’s most storied climbing mecca
  • Famous Routes: The Nose (5.14), Astroman (5.11), Meltdown (5.14), Bachar-Yerian (5.11)
  • Classic boulders: Midnight Lightning (V8), Bachar Cracker (V4)
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