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The Dawn Wall Interviews

Cool, interactive piece from Climbing on the Dawn Wall featuring interviews with both Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell.  I particularly liked this quote from Tommy about why he is so relentlessly positive even in the face of a seemingly insurmountable challenge like the Dawn Wall:

It helps to have almost died a few times in your life! [Laughs.] That brings things into perspective! I think the hard things I’ve gone through have made me want to embrace every day to its absolute fullest.
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Those experiences have helped make me who I am today. But part of that is also being a part of a great community and having my own great role model in my dad.
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I mean, my dad is absurdly optimistic, and that’s contagious.
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The Dawn Wall Push: Day 19

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The Dawn Wall Push: Days 15-17

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“It’s Really A Lifestyle”

T0mmy Caldwell, being interviewed by the New York Time minutes after topping out the Dawn Wall:

I would love for this to open people’s minds to what an amazing sport this is. I think the larger audience’s conception is that we’re thrill seekers, out there for an adrenaline rush.
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We really aren’t at all. It’s about spending our lives in these beautiful places and forming these incredible bonds with friends and family. It’s really a lifestyle. It’s superhealthy, and the climbing world is some of the most psyched, great people around.
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And if that love can spread, that’s really a great thing.

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Watch Dawn Wall Finish Live

Watch the final moments of the Dawn Wall free climb live

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New York Times Profiles Kevin Jorgeson

John Branch has been doing some really good pieces about the Dawn Wall for the New York Times, and this profile on Kevin Jorgeson is no exception.  Of note is Jorgeson’s comments on his battle with Pitch 15:

After Jorgeson failed on several attempts [on Pitch 15] in the middle of last week, he texted one word to Becker, his girlfriend: “Devastated.” His next text said he did not want to be known as the man who almost climbed the Dawn Wall.
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He rested his fingers, waiting for his skin to heal over two days, before embarking on another attempt on Friday afternoon.
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In the back of his mind, he knew that if he failed again, he would most likely end his quest in deference to Caldwell.
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Sure looks like Kevin Jorgeson is going to be known as the man who did climb the Dawn Wall.  Awesome stuff.

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The Dawn Wall Push: Day 14

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