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First Try With Jonathan Siegrist

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Jonathan Siegrist: Livin’ Astro (5.14c)

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Jonathan Siegrist’s Story On Biographie

Footage of Jonathan Siegrist on Biographie

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“Like a banshee”

Jonathan Siegrist, in an email exchange with Rock & Ice regarding his recent repeat of Biographie:

R&I: Did you scream like Sharma when you stuck the jug near the top?

JS: Like a banshee.

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Jonthan Siegrist Repeats Biographie (5.15a)

After a prolonged battle, Jonathan Siegriest has completed his hardest redpoint to date with a repeat of Chris Sharma’s Biographie (5.15a) in Céüse, France.

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Great Days 2: Jonathan Siegrist’s Spectrum

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La Lune

After leaving empty handed last year, Jonathan Siegrist returns to Las Vegas and makes quick work of his project in Arrow Canyon, La Lune:

 I invested so much in this route and spent so many hours in 2013 dreaming about it. It was very difficult for me to walk away without success last year.
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It feels strange to have it done now, especially considering how damn hard I thought it was after last season.
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Could I have improved this much?
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Maybe I was completely destroyed mentally and physically last season and all I needed was a fresh start? I’m really not sure to be honest, and after being prepared for war against this seemingly undefeatable opponent, to claim victory after such a short battle almost seems unfair; it’s almost as though I wanted the process to last longer.

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