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Cool Video from Petzl Roctrip at Kalymnos

Check out this cool video of Dave Graham at the recent Petzl Roctrip @ Kalymnos, Greece. The route was supposed to be the women’s “ultimate route” but due to conditions they ended up using a different line. Here Dave Graham onsights the first ascent of ‘Les Artes de Vide’ (.13d): [youtube=]

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New Dave Graham Blog

Normally I would be more interested in this sort of thing but Dave Graham seems to be losing it a bit. He has a new Pro Blog at which is pretty uninformative if you wanted to actually learn anything about what he has been climbing lately. Despite the ramblings he has done 2 .14c […]

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Climbing Videos

Click here to be taken to the front page I will be updating this thread as I find new videos that I come across. Click a link below to be taken directly to that video on this page: Me climbing Red House at Little Rock City, TN Chris Sharma redpointing La Rambla Original (5.15a) at […]

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