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Alex Honnold Soloing Heaven (5.12d) – Climber’s Cut

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Alex Honnold Soloing Heaven (5.12d)

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Honnold Free Solos Squamish’s University Wall

Alex Honnold has been keeping busy up in Squamish, soloing 290 pitches for his 29th birthday on August 17th and then soloing University Wall on The Chief:

This August 25, Honnold hiked from the parking lot along Highway 99, passing a small gaggle of climbers below the popular 5.10 finger crack Seasoned in the Sun and James Lucas on his way back down from his own clambering on University Wall, to arrive at the left side of the Chief’s massive Grand Wall and the base of his objective.
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He started climbing, thankful to be wearing a t-shirt to protect his skin from the chimneys and offwidths on the lower pitches.
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Reaching past Bellygood Ledge, he continued up The Roman Chimneys for its extra four pitches of 5.10 and 5.11 to top out.

Interesting interview to go along with that article as well.

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Alex Honnold And The Relativity Of Risk

Alex Honnold, writing for Alpinist about his free solo of El Sendero Luminoso:

That meant five more people who’d flown down and who were now waiting for me to solo a big wall. And despite everyone’s assurances that I should only do what I felt comfortable with, and that they could film any other, easier route if I changed my mind, it was hard not to feel a little pressure.
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I’ll be curious to hear him talk about this and more tonight at the Boulder Theatre as part of The North Face’s Speaker Series.
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 You can tune in live at 7 PM MDT for a live feed from the event.

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Alex Honnold – Live True

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Alex Honnold – A Day In The Life

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Alex Honnold – El Sendero Luminoso

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