Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2014 Climbing Report

On a more serious Outdoor Retailer note, Splitter Choss has their usual lowdown on a few of the new items shown off during the recent Outdoor Retailer Winter Market including a new line of crashpads from Petzl:

Petzl has a new crashpad, the Alto. In typical Petzl fashion, it’s tricked out to the nines. First up, the pad is zipped up on three sides, which means any gear you put in it cannot fall out. Then, when you unzip it, the cover then flips over to the side with straps, and seals them inside so they don’t get dirty. You then throw the pad down, straps up, which allows it to lie flatter. Also, several velcro straps make it easy to covert to a chair, which everyone does with crash pads anyway. There are two sizes, retail currently stands at $280 and $399, though they are working on bringing those down by the time the pads launch in the fall.

The prices seem high and zippers seem like more of a pain than they’re worth on a pad, so it will be interesting to see how these pads perform once they’re released.

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