New V15 In Red Rock By Daniel Woods & Jimmy Webb

Red Rock Canyon continues to be the place to be these days, and once again it’s Daniel Woods and Jimmy Webb making news with their FA and quick repeat respectively of The Nest (V15).  As usual, we go to Instagram for the details.

Says Woods:

So cool to go to #war on this rig and share his motivation to get closer and closer! In the end we sent on our last tries and stood on top of one of the raddest boulders I have seen.
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Says Webb:

Over the years I’ve begun to realize how rare it is to see such quality and consistency in a boulder problem. This one stands out in my brain as one of the best, and the hardest. So stoked to have finished this line and I gotta say a huge thanks to Kenny Barker and @menagerieclimb [Andy Raether] for finding,cleaning, and showing us this rig

It’s nice to see locals sharing their efforts to find new problems with visitors1, and it’s nice to see Daniel and Jimmy dedicate themselves to something that for them must have felt like a multi-year project2.

  1. It’s worth pointing out that Kenny Barker, who is credited by Webb for helping find The Nest, is responsible for bolting such routes as Pure Imagination and Golden Ticket in the Red River Gorge
  2. Webb said on 8a that it took him 5 days

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