More On Alex Honnold’s Skyscraper Climb

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Me, back in July when it was announced that Alex Honnold would be soloing a building on live TV this fall1:

Then again, Honnold has always struck me as being rather pragmatic and I’m guessing this sort of stunt pays a lot better than anything with actual rock climbing involved.

Alex Honnold, in the Outside Online article revealing that he will be climbing the 1,667 ft. tall  Tapei 101, the 2nd tallest skyscraper in the world:

Honnold won’t discuss specific figures, but he acknowledges that he’ll be paid “vastly more than anything I’ve encountered in the climbing world” for the project.

Makes sense.

  1. At the time it was said to be happening this fall but has apparently been pushed back to some time in 2014

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