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In the almost 7 years this site has been in existence, one of my favorite aspects of running the site has been the interesting conversations that have often materialized in the comments section beneath each post.
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 Certainly this site has not been immune to some of the downsides that seem to befall most internet discussion threads, but I feel like generally those of you who contribute to the discussion do so in a way that enhances this site rather than hurts it and I’m extremely grateful for that.  While I’m happy with the majority of the discussions that happen here, there are technical and structural problems with how WordPress does comments that I haven’t been happy with for some time.
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It’s with this thought in mind that I am making a change to how discussion is handled on the site.  Going forward, all discussions, comments, etc. will take place in the new Discussion area of the site.  All existing comment threads will remain in place, but anything posted from now on will use the new discussion area.  This is not a change I take lightly, but in the long run I think this will be better for both the site and for all of you who like to participate in discussions surrounding what is posted here.

What this means for you is a few things.  First, you will no longer be able to participate without creating an account.  I realize more than anyone that creating another account on a website is the last thing most of us want to do, but creating an account to engage in discussion here is super fast, it opens up some cool features1 and you will never see a single piece of spam email from me.  Second, you will only be able to respond to posts I make by visiting the auto-created thread for each post in the discussion area2.  Note that you will see a selection of the best responses made in the discussion area3 appear beneath each post.  Third, you now have the opportunity to create discussions of your own in the forum which I think will be a net positive in the long run.  I try my best to keep up on everything, but if there is something you think is cool or if there is something you think would make for an interesting discussion please do post about it.
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 Plus you can now embed videos, photos, quotes from prior posters and much more in your posts allowing you much more freedom as you craft your responses.

The forum software is still under heavy development so there are sure to be changes with it in the future, and I’ll be making tweaks on my end to better suit it to our needs as well.  If you notice any problems please create a thread in the meta area and I will do my best to get things working correctly.

So head on over, create an account and let me know what you think.

  1. Notification of replies, the ability to @ mention other users and much more
  2. I’m hoping to change this in the future, but that is how things work for now
  3.  As selected by a magical set of criterion

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