Freak Moments

Daniel Woods, blogging for The Island about his outlook for 2013 as well as his attempts on Lucid Dreaming:

Bouldering requires failure to gain success. The majority of our days are failing, and then we get that freak moment when everything clicks and have success.
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In practice this rings true for most of us I think, but then I think about the fact that Woods has flashed V14 and climbed V14 and V15 in a day.  I guess things just click more often for some us?  Either way, this is a good post to read more about a time when things didn’t quite click for Woods.
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 Something tells me not to get used to this happening though.

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One Response to Freak Moments

  1. CJS March 15, 2013 at 7:43 am #

    I thought this was a nice read, and good humility and perspective from Dan. Of course, he’ll still crush this rig the next time he’s out there, but I’m glad that he took the time to write this out rather than just writing the project off or making lousy excuses.

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