Sendtember Well Under Way In Rifle

Sendtember Well Under Way In Rifle

The sending season is on in Rifle as the last week has seen several 5.14 repeats including repeats of Joe Kinder’s Waka Flocka Flame (5.14c) by Sam Elias and Jonathan Siegrist, a repeat of The Crew (5.14c) by Siegrist and a handful of 5.
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14b’s by Keller Rinaudo.  Writing about the Waka Flocka Flame repeat, Siegrist has more love for first ascensionist Joe Kinder:

Joey is a model ambassador – not because he’s ambitiously made dozens of contributions to climbing areas all over, not because he’s climbed hard and been in the spotlight for 10 years, but because he’s a freakin’ psyched dude, who gets psyched on everyone’s success. I’ve never thrived on competitive energy and people like Joe happily remind you that there’s no need for it.

Siegrist also had this to say about attempting to sort out grades of some of his recent sends in Rifle:

I think to some extent we’ve lost track of the purpose of grades and the subjectivity of climbing. In my mind, what matters is the climbing, it’s challenge and our process. Every climber is different, every route is different, and we all have strengths and weaknesses (and crappy days, brilliant days).
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These are both unique and really difficult climbs, I’m psyched to have done them!

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