AAC Launches New Guidebook Finder Tool

AAC Launches New Guidebook Finder Tool

The American Alpine Club has been making a big push of late to expand their membership with a specific focus on getting more rock climbers to join.  I’ve personally been on the fence about joining, but new features like their recently launched Guidebook Finder tool may help put me over the edge.

The Guidebook Finder is one more way the AAC is implementing goals set in its Five Year Strategic Plan, announced in February.
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One goal of the Plan is to provide tools that give climbers better access to climbing information and Library assets.
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The Guidebook Finder is a next step in expanding digital access to the world-class AAC Library.

The new tool gives Members an easy way to find, reserve, and check out over 600 guidebooks to 200 different climbing areas in the United States.
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Guidebooks (or other collection items) are mailed to AAC Members for free—up to ten books and five DVDs at a time.

While not an exhaustive collection, the AAC’s library does have a pretty wide selection of books, and the new Guidebook Finder tool is a great way peruse and check out books.  If you find yourself travelling to a lot of different climbing areas and you don’t want to have to buy a book for each area, this benefit alone could make joining the AAC worth the money.

New Guidebook Finder tool from the American Alpine Club

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