Video Friday – 2/4/2011

Video Friday – 2/4/2011

In last week’s Video Friday post I mentioned how excited I was to be competing in the 12th edition of Quick on the Draw at my local climbing gym.  This was my 11th QotD, but only the 3rd or 4th in which I’d actually be competing.  A bit of a novice then when it comes to the whole climbing aspect of a climbing competition, I was a bit nervous as things got underway early Saturday afternoon.

Despite picking up an early pump that never would abate, I managed to fill out my scorecard with a fairly respectable set of scores before the 3.5 hour climbing time evaporated into thin air.  I ended up just missing the cutoff for finals which was probably for the best since I could barely use my arms after the comp.  Overall it was a memorable day of climbing fun routes with some great people.  What more could one ask for??

You can download full results of the most popular Quick on the Draw ever by clicking here.  Some pictures are here.

Alex sticking the crowd-pleasing jump-start to the Men’s Open finals route

Photo:  Matt Kuehl

On to this week’s slate of videos we have a nice sampling of videos to get you psyched for your weekend:

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  1. josh February 4, 2011 at 8:47 am #

    Congrats on the comp result, Narc!

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